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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of the auction:

Prices stated in the catalogue are estimates only; they do not include auctioneers premium.

All bids are to be in Euros. All bids are final and binding on the bidder. During the auction the following firm increases are applicable:

  1. For items priced below 10 Euros, increase is 1 Euro
  2. For items priced between 10 and 20 Euros, increase is 2 Euros.
  3. For items priced between 20 and 50 Euros, increase is 4 Euros.
  4. For items priced between 50 and 100 Euros, increase is 10 Euros.
  5. For items priced between 100 and 200 Euros, increase is 20 Euros.
  6. Bids above 200 Euros will increase normally by 10% each bid, but may be amended higher or lower at the auction at the discretion of the auctioneer.


Bidders, who send their bids by e-mail or in writing, are fully entitled to return items within 7 days. Bidders, present at the auction, are advised that all items will be deemed to have been inspected by them and that all items may be returned within 4 days.

All items may be viewed on the day prior to the auction and on the day of the auction up to 12 noon.

Successful bidders will receive an invoice. Buyers present at the auction must pay on collection.

The property in a lot shall not pass to the Buyer until the purchase price has been paid in full.

International Chess Auctions retains the right at its absolute discretion to refuse any bid, to advance the bidding as it may decide, to withdraw or divide any Lot, to combine any two or more Lots and, in the case of dispute to put any Lot up for auction again.

The following words and expressions shall have the following meanings in our terms of business:

Bought in - unsold, having failed at auction to reach a reserve.

Hammer Price- the price at which the Lot is knocked down to the Buyer.

Lot - any item deposited with International Chess Auctions with a view to its sale at auction whether on its premises or elsewhere and in particular, item or items described against any Lot No. in the catalogue or on our web site.

Proceeds of sale - the net amount due to the Seller, being the hammer price less commission or any other amount due to the Auctioneers.

Purchase price - the Hammer Price plus any premium, handling, postal or insurance charges.

Overseas buyers must pay pro-forma on receipt of invoice. All items will be sent insured parcel post charged to the buyer. The buyer will pay a commission fee of 12.5% to the auctioneers, additional to the hammer price.

Intending bidders should note:

  1. Every bid is taken care of in the way most favourable to the buyer by us.
  2. If there are several bids in writing, we will make a bid being the next to the highest one at the scale of increases stated above on behalf of the person who has made the highest bid in writing. For example: the minimum price is 100 Euro and there are two bids, one at 130 and one in writing at 200. Bidding will start at 140. If there are no other bids then the bidder of 200 will be successful at 140 Euros. Should there be only one bid of 200 in writing, then bidding will start from the minimum. If someone present at the auction is then bidding, we will make bids with increases of 10 euro on behalf the bidder who has written or e-mailed their bid up to the value of their written bid, i.e. 200 Euros.
  3. If there are two identical bids in writing, then the one arriving first will be the one considered.



Cutting to the chase:

We hope that this Web page provides a clear picture about our auction. Yet, some points might sound complicated and so here we would like to summarise most important details:

  1. If you sell items, you pay for posting them to us. If something is not sold, you will have to pay postage to get your items back. But you can also leave them with us for a while.
  2. When you items is sold, you get the hammer price (the highest bid it attracted) less 12.5%, which is our commission.
  3. When you bought something at our auction, you pay the hammer price plus 12.5% commission. In addition, you will have to pay for delivery, if necessary.
  4. Unlikely in some countries, here in Ireland there are no additional charges or taxes (like VAT), which is a great advantage.